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Breathing from start to finish! - 100%

torturedmountain, March 18th, 2010

Here is an album and a band that while showing aspects of "metal" is more like the symbolism for a broken heart drenched in its own loving memories. Its like the broken heart that cant forget, if you will... There is a steady pace to this album that is pieced together most importantly by psychedelic and atmospheric guitars, along with crooning vocals that make ones nerves sink. There is an absolutely genuine passion and despair that runs through every bit of music on this album. The guitars exemplify this through expert use of delay and chorus effects on the guitar, allowing the notes to sing themselves out, instead of wreaking havoc through miscalculation and simple minded playing. This album is dionysian and emotive through and through... Again this is represented beautifully in the female vocals, but more importantly in the echoing of the male vocals that turn my spirit over much in the same was as Carl-Michael from Virus, and Ved Buens Ende...

But comparisons do the music an injustice, and maybe the most impressive thing about "The Gault" is their ability to conjure up semblances of doom, gloom and the whole sour side of life, while also presenting something completely fresh and unheard of. The album has a way of taking something like sadness and presenting it in a way where humanity and spirit is still maintained as a value, oppressive maybe, but important and worthwhile. I find that the guitar lines and really, kind of Joy Division-esque basslines and aesthetic help to keep the listener from the total bordom and pathetic nature of "woe is me" mentality into something passionate. This album breathes with life from start to finish and does something that is extremely hard to find in any kind of music- the affirmation and denail in simultaneous form.

Maybe the one down side to the record to some is that it is too dark at times. However in evaluating music in-and-of-itself, Im hard pressed to find anything wrong with this album... For people who understand The Cure album "disintegration", Joy Division, and even The Doors- just throw in some black metal sensability- and The Gault is your solution...brimming with life...