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Superb. - 92%

Perplexed_Sjel, July 2nd, 2006

Fans of The Gathering have become accustomed to an ever-changing sound as each album is unleashed upon the listening world, and this is no surprise. The Gathering have yet again adapted their sound slightly and progressed further still. Released earlier this year, "Home" consists of thirteen songs and stands at a duration of just over one hour. This is the Dutch bands eight full-length album and probably the best to date. The Gathering have also released two live albums, thus making them an extremely busy band who have managed to stand the test of time and in doing so have just become stronger as the years have gone by.

As always the main talking point is The Gathering's talented vocalist, Anneke van Giersbergen. Undoubtedly the bands best asset and the sole reason the band have such a good fan base these days, which is growing ever stronger. As with previous albums, this again combines elements of each release and mixes them up to produce an astonishing end product. In ways this is quite a simplistic album and easier to categorise. This is more of a traditional rock album with most notably Gothic elements. Songs are well produce, accessible and well performed. Leads are innovative and catchy, drums are tight and pounding and the vocals are amazingly performed. Songs are usually performed at a mid-paced tempo, which suits the style the band perform and allow Anneke to showcase her talent. Often enough the band resort to their old ways of churning out the odd atmospheric and emotive song with an almost haunting sound, reminiscent of "Mandylion" in ways. This is certainly a gentle album, and easy-listening. One might even suggest that its spellbinding and captivating. It cannot be stressed enough that Anneke's vocals are the best feature of the band and are hypnotising right from the very beginning. This is a very accessible album which should be enjoyed by a majority of fans no matter what it is you prefer to listen to genre wise.

Highlights include: Shortest Day, In Between, Waking Hour, Box and Home. Generally the entire album!