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Temporarily out of order - 50%

morbert, October 9th, 2007

I am going to keep this short an simple. ‘Almost a Dance’ was an experiment gone wrong. A lot of these songs were written when Bart Smits was still in the band and especially ‘Heartbeat Amplifier’ was a song worthy of their ‘Always’ legacy. Musically therefore there was not much wrong with this album.

Vocalist Niels Duffhues is reminiscent of Faith No More during the ‘Real Thing’ album but obviously without the individual quality of Mike Patton. He really does his best but that’s about it. With his vocals and the very prominent keyboards, this album was sounding like Faith No More gone doom metal. Unfortunately it just didn’t work. They went from groundbreaking fantasy-doom metal to this just because of the vocals. Also the female vocals presented here were not bad but also not very memorable. Fortunately they got it right again on their next album Mandylion with vocalist Anneke van Gierbergen.

I wish the band would re-record this album someday with Bart Smits and Marike Groot on vocals, finally delivering the real sequel to Always.