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Enter the church of TFO. - 94%

KayTeeBee, July 11th, 2005

Just as I thought an album couldn't get more depressive than Forgotten Tomb's 'Love's Burial Ground', I find this gem from The Funeral Orchestra, and if you haven't guessed already, this band plays Funeral Doom. This is incredibly depressive, but also mysterious. Instrumentals like 'Black Orbit' create a different atmosphere which is rarely felt in a Funeral Doom album.

Sargon was complaning that the demo was too short (21 minutes), but the listener is satisfied after listening to this album, since it's over an hour long (67 minutes to be exact). The 3 songs from 'We Are The End' are there (WATE, Black Orbit and Apocalyptic Trance), and the other 46 minutes of new material on this album are simply breathtakingly sad. 'Worship' is a new attempt at making something depressive. It starts off with a little guitar drone, then around a minute an organ kicks and we hear a girl crying. It made me picture a girl crying in an church. The album ends with a live version of Church of TFO. The sound quality is great, especially for a live song, but it's not very enjoyable since I hear people talking in the back for most of the track. Still, this song proves that TFO can be a good band both in studio and on stage.

Overall, if you enjoyed the depressive music of bands such as Shape of Despair or Forgotten Tomb, grab this, but keep in mind there are no Black Metal elements like in Forgotten Tomb. Filled with doomy, slow and depressive riffs, this album should keep Funeral Doom fans coming back for more.