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The Fucking 70's - 39%

BloodIronBeer, February 11th, 2007

The Fucking Champs sound like a few dudes jamming in their basement playing rock tinged music which I'm very reluctant to call heavy metal. There is a keen use of harmonized guitar leads, but it's quite a stretch to call it NWOBHM.

The songs are somewhat progressive in that they don't adhere to any particular style or even song structure. There are a couple little songs that sound like they belong on a 70's prog rock album, production and all. Happy mellow songs driven by a soft organ ... not very metal, to say the least.

The guitar tone does not reflect the older style played. The guitar tone is something along the lines of today's metal, but plays the style of the 70's. It's really too happy and poppy sounding the majority of the time to label this as metal.

The drumming in however similar to traditional metal or NWOBHM. A few moments of double bass, some faster fills, and more punch than you'd find in a rock band.

This album is an oddity, to say the least. But that isn't necessarily a merit. I can't stand the silly 70's prog soundtrack sounding moments or the happy, poppy 70's rock moments. Even the parts that are enjoyable, the harmonized guitars and other nice guitar work are offset by the fact that all the music lacks any kind of depth, message (especially from the lack of lyrics/vocals) or direction. It's really just an amorpous jam session of some moderately talented musicians. I haven't the faintest idea who would get into this, but for most fans of metal, the 70's progressive and rock and even hidden elements of indie just won't be appreciated or even tolerable.