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A substantial debut - 85%

indicadude, January 4th, 2007

Let me start off by saying that this band is far superior to The Black Dahlia Murder and sounds closer to Necrophagist with synthesizers and breakdowns.

I spoke with The Faceless' lead guitarist when I saw them in December '06 and he was a very nice fellow. I decided to check them out because I saw that they were opening for Necrophagist and I was pleasantly surprised by these newcomers.

This six-piece hailing from the hometown of [i]Encino Man[/i] play progressive, if not futuristic sounding death core. The influences they list are very impressive and certainly among death metal's elite. The most noticeable influence on their sound is probably Necrophagist. They have labeled themselves as technical metal which would be accurate if not for the constant guttural bellowing and the glaringly scene-influenced breakdowns which are interspersed throughout the album. While the breakdowns are present, they are good ones, so it doesn't detract from the music too much. The worst it got was when I first listened to it and said to myself, "Why did they put that there?"  The music itself is highly technical and very powerful. The album displays some lovely guitar work and extremely experienced drumming. The vocalists are proficient at matching the intensity of the music. I hesitate to say they convey any emotion, because the vocals are somewhat monotone and the production on this album is extremely clean. At times the sound seems almost clinical. Thankfully, the songs vary enough to draw me in for repeat listens. This is definitely a highpoint. Clean vocals appear on the album in one instance, but are worthwhile and by no means whiney. Akeldama treats us to an instrumental song of the same name that features very prog sounding keys (and extremely effected vocals) and adds to the variation nicely. In this reviewer's humble opinion, this is deathcore done right. I just wish the album was longer. It's not perfect, but it's certainly an impressive debut. Give it a shot.