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The Faceless (An Excellent Debut) - 89%

XenoJoseph, April 27th, 2012

When given a band with the name, The Faceless, you could expect many different sounds as the name is pretty shocking. But, with this band, and this album in general, you will get a very different sound/vibe as opposed to djent and other technical death metal and deathcore bands that do the same stuff over and over again; odd time signatures, high tempo riffs, shreds in every song and, lastly, the annoying breakdowns that every band now-a-days can't live without. However, wiith this band, and this album, you are in for a serious mix of different metal sub-genres and a huge feel on Michael Keene's guitar influences and the other musicians that express their huge music talents.

The first song, "An Autopsy", is pretty much the song that gives you an idea on what to expect from the album and possibly the band itself. It reveals high tempo, odd time signatures, and very cool and complex riffs, pretty much your average techy metal song. The song starts off with the drums and sets you to a huge environment that leaves you hanging for more. As the vocals come in, you realize you're in for a serious ride on the album. Later in the song, and this goes for a few other songs in the album, you come across a breakdown that pretty much shows that the musicians in the group have deathcore influences, which gives some taste but doesn't really add to the song, as some listeners aren't really huge fans of breakdowns. The clean vocals that come in the second song, really show you that Keene might have Choir influences, and gives much taste and character to the album, and as well as the bands name and image. The keyboards that are played in this album show a lot of experimental ideas and again, adds much taste.

To clarify on the breakdowns that are expressed in the album, you shouldn't confuse the band as another deathcore rip off or another death metal rip off band, as there is absolutely nothing wrong either beautiful sub-genres. If anything, it gives this band a unique taste and outstanding ideas because they incorporate the breakdowns in a fashion that is consisted of technical time signatures itself. The vocals are very, somewhat "middy" as he uses a lot of his mid vocals and a lot of highs on the songs. Derek has a unique way of setting his vocals and a unique way on bringing himself in the songs. His vocals seem to be pretty brutal, and give similar vocal sounds from similar groups. His growls seem to be very "growly" in a way that gives you that old school death metal vibe, that is an exceptional plus on Rydquist's behalf. The guitars, aw yes, the guitars in this debut album show a LOT of technical structures and I emphasize that for a reason. When you listen to Keene's and Jone's back and forth riffs, you are left mind boggled, you are left amazed and you are left astonished and what these two amazing musicians are able to do, in terms of guitar structure ideas. The solos in the album are pretty jazzy and the drum recordings show that there may have been numerous drummers that recorded. But, despite the fact that the drums have been multiply recorded, the drum skills and the amazing ideas give a huge taste in the album. Sadly, the bass, which is barely heard, is quite average for a technical band, as the bassist doesn't really show off what he is capable of doing. The EQ of the bass quality is also, for some reason, reduced to a low output.

In conclusion, the production is descent and the album cover shows a strange appearance that shows a symbol of Jesus (?) But, in all words described, this album is a pretty good debut, and a big start for this band. My rating is not perfect, obviously, because of the sad facts that the production is not perfect and some flaws were present through out the album, but like said, this is an exceptionally awesome, epic, I have no other words to describe the excellency of the album. Give it a listen, and see for yourself what this band contains and what they can do.