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Tech Death At Its Best - 95%

HeavensOath, June 6th, 2008

First things first people, The Faceless are not deathcore! They never have been and most probably never will be. Just because a bands fan base consists of obnoxious 14 year old scene kids, doesn't make them deathcore. Neither does what label a band is on, in this case Sumerian Records, a usually more -core based label. The Faceless much more resemble's Necrophagist and Beneath the Massacre than any As Blood Runs Black or Bring Me the Horizon clone.

The first thing listeners will notice is the amazing production this album has. It seems that's a standard for technical death metal, it all must sound perfectly mixed. The riffs are fucking amazing! The Faceless make riff writing seem easy as every song contains multiple riffs and not once do they sound the same or get boring. Take the track "All Dark Graves" for example; starts with a slow-paced one and then out of nowhere completely switches into this amazing sweep picking influenced riff. The song finishes with a "chug chug " type riff but even than it doesn't boring or generic. It has a really progressive feel to it. Jones and Keene are phenomenal guitarists as the riffs will show but can they solo? Fucking yes they can. Just listen to the solo at the end of Leica, if you say otherwise after hearing it than you're a moron. You get to hear tons of technicality going on as well from the many scales used to the extremely technical chord progression.

I was suprised to read that they used four different drummers to record this album. Knowning this you'd expect one of them to fuck up and ruin everything, but suprisingly this never happens. My favorite off the four would be Brett Batdorf for his amazing performance in "Lecia" I love the fills that he does and the amazing bass work. Another favorite of mine is his opening track "An Autopsy", one of the better drums in the scene today. He even makes the breakdowns seem interesting!

The keyboards are the next thing I shall talk about and holy shit! Whoever this guy is, he sure as hell knows what he's doing. Quite unusual for a band of this genre. The keys blend perfectly and create an atmosphere that most tech death bands can't even dream of having. At times the keys blend in with the melodic ness of the guitars and that creates an even stronger atmosphere. I love the way the keyboard is used as an intro to the solo on "Lecia". (even more reasons to hear that awesome solo) The title track "Akeldama" also contains some amazing synth work done by the keyboardist starting off with some weird Cynic like robotic vocals.

The vocalist while not being the most original out there has an amazing growl. It resemble's the typical Immolation influenced style, brutal and sorta understandable. When he switches up and performs highs they also sound great, definitely better than your typical growler in the scene.

If you're a fan of tech death and amazing keyboard work definitely check this band out, I know you wont be disappointed.