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A Clear Perception - A clear future - 87%

CynicalReaper, May 3rd, 2009

My friend told me about this band local to him who played some decent melodic metal. Slightly skeptical, I checked them out. Their song "Echoes" blasted out my speakers from their myspace page, and I was a fan. Their debut EP was a lot less melodic than this release, which has melody everywhere alongside the brutality, and even a few clean vocal lines thrown in for good measure.

For a young band just recorded their debut, this is very impressive. The drumming is great and definitely holds up well against other established sticksmen, churning out some odd time signatures, fast double bass kicks and some decent fills here and there.

The guitars and bass are pretty good too, with some nice riffs hitting you square in the face for the duration of the CD. Some little technical flourishes add a little bit of dimension in some places. The only problem here is the annoying "Meshuggah tone". I really dislike this tone, and so many bands use it these days.

But that's a minor set-back.

The songs on offer here themselves are mostly of a high standard, especially for such young musicians.

Worth checking out. Try their myspace before you buy though... just check 'em out!

Stand-out tracks: Echoes, Hands of Time, Decorus, Under Seige.