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A brief, but satisfying epic - 94%

Goatfangs, June 14th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2010, CD, Backfire Productions (Digipak, Limited edition)

The second offering by The Extinct Dreams really only has one major flaw. It's too short, with about 32 minutes of proper funeral doom total. This album is blissful dreamy funeral doom/death from start to finish with some ethereal keyboard magick on the first and third tracks. There are also some considerable improvements over Ars Moriendi, a masterpiece in its own right. For one, the drums sound better. I am not sure if they used a real drummer just yet but now it is no longer obvious that a drum machine was used.

Потустороннее сияние refines the sound The Extinct Dreams had on Ars Moriendi. The keyboards are super atmospheric, the riffs are exceptionally heavy and full of emotional honesty and the vocals are dare I say fucking sexy. There would be times where I would listen to just По ту сторону on repeat. The intro to this album is pretty nice ear-candy too but I often find myself skipping right to the meat of the record. The third track is one I skip less frequently unless I really want to get to more heavy fucking funeral doom riffs. Крик отчаяния (развоплощение) is definitely the heavier of the two major songs and plays out like a classic funeral doom epic. The way it progresses towards an epic finish is similar to Mournful Congregation, maybe with a little Evoken in there with a blastbeat over a doom riff.

This would really be a perfect album if it weren't for the two interludes, which were good, but what this band would do next manages to even outclass this record.