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Still angry - 82%

Vim_Fuego, October 7th, 2004

I bought this album in 1991 on the same day I bought Metallica's "Black" album. Guess which one of the two I go back to now? It most certainly isn't the CD that contains "Enter Sandman". This album should appeal to any thrash fans disappointed by the direction taken by Metallica et al., along with punkers in the GBH/Discharge mould. Musically, it's straight ahead three chord, no–time–for–solos, high speed dirty rough punk rock. You're not going to get any acoustic ballads out of The Exploited. Thank fuck for that!

If your idea of punk is Green Day, Blink 182, or The Offspring, this will make you piss your pants, and run for the comfort of your mother's apron. Gone are the sweet little melodies crafted in the Californian sun. There are no songs about girlfriends (well, unless you count Porno Slut…), teenage problems, or fucking dogs. This is pure anger, spat out with an almost unequalled fury. Mohawked punk legend Wattie is a man who's seen the inside of a prison cell and has experienced the stark, brutal realities of life. And he knows just who to blame for it– the governments of the world, and their militaristic puppets in the police force and army. The song titles — Boys in Blue, Dog Soldier, Fuck Religion, Police Shit, Stop the Slaughter — leave little doubt who they're aimed at.

While Wattie and his crew are no angels, there are certain members of society which sicken them. Sick Bastard has pedophiles and those who brutalise the elderly fair in it's sights. Don't Pay The Poll Tax is another highlight. While the tax has been forgotten as a bad joke, hearing Wattie urge listeners to "Stick it up her ass" referring to Margaret Thatcher, remains as a highlight of the album. It leaves rather a disturbing mental image though…

If you want pure unbridled anger, skip the death metal section and go with this. This IS punk.