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Let there be Thrash! - 100%

PerpetualDusk, November 7th, 2006

(Don't be irritated by the title of my review, you'll get the idea after reading it)

The Exploited somewhat changed with this album. Not only their style but the whole punk movement. Moving from traditional UK82 punk, to more hardcore related punk, this album was and still is a huge impact within the entire genre. I do belive 'Let's Start a War' is highly influenced by hardcore punk legend DISCHARGE'S debut album, because you here the traditional and legendary D-BEAT that's used in death-, thrash-, power- & speed metal and hardcore punk nowdays.

What makes this album a milestone of the development within the punk scene, is not only the influence. No, it's the anger, the hate, the aggressiveness.

Sure, that's nothing new for hardcore punk, but this is the album that started it all!

In fact I do consider it to be the first hardcore punk album in history, because 'Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing' from Discharge just wins a consolation prize when you compare it to this, because the lack of speed here and there makes it "slow" when you compare it to 'Let's Start a War'.

Despite the lyrics who somewhat aren't very original, the music is pure ownage.
What we have here is even faster than Kill 'em All (Metallica) & Show No Mercy (Slayer), both albums that got released in the same year. The production is typical for the hardcore punk genre, bass is tuned down while the guitars create the speed and the drums just kick the shit out of everything. The vocals are as mean as it get's, you somewhat feel attacked and just ask yourself "what the fuck did I do?"

'Let's Start a War' doesn't offer originality, or a bunch of riffs that will get unforgettable like let's say...Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid'. No, this album offers you speed and influence.

Influence? Yes, that, and a punch in the middle of your face so you can think about what ACTUALLY DID influence all your thrash metal heros, sucker!