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The Shortest Best Of Ever? - 70%

Warpig, November 1st, 2008

When an early 80s Hardcore band has one classic release they are usually considered legends and when they have even more than one they are usually considered gods. The Exploited have released at least five classic albums and they meanwhile have accumulated a gigantic arsenal of hits.

Therefore a best of that consists of only 10 songs and that clocks in at under 28 minutes really seems a bit sparse. However, this compilation covers their career from '83 to '87, and since this was certainly their weakest phase they certainly didn't have that much material to choose from (which doesn't mean that this album couldn't easily be twice as long as it is).

On the other hand, this is the only Exploited - compilation that covers that period, while all of the other compilations (and there are quite a few of them) basically include pretty much the same songs, i.e. mostly the singles and occasionally tracks from "Punk's Not Dead", "Troops Of Tomorrow" or "Let's Start A War".

"Apocalypse ‘77" contains:
- three of the best songs from "Let's Start A War", namely the title track, "Psycho" and "Safe Below" ("Rival Leaders" is sadly missed, though),
- the probably four best songs from "Horror Epics", i.e. the brilliant "Don't Forget The Chaos", the not-so-subtle "Maggie", the title track (including THE bass intro) and "I Hate You",
- a live version of "Punk's Not Dead" taken from "Live At The Whitehouse",
- the fantastic title track of the "Jesus Is Dead" EP and
- "Police Informer" from "Death Before Dishonour".

Although this is certainly one of the shortest best ofs ever (hence the low score), this is a good representation of what The Exploited sounded like in the mid 80s and it's pretty much the only compilation that covers that period.