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A nice comeback! - 87%

ShadeOfDarkness, May 4th, 2009

Piledriver was a band that played metal during the 80s. They released two great albums. These albums will forever be classics for me, especially Stay Ugly. However, this band is not done yet. Gord Kirchin hasn’t given up yet. He has formed a new band, but they couldn’t call themselves Piledriver anymore. I am not sure why, but that’s not what this review is about either.

The Exalted Piledriver’s Metal Manifesto is a great album! Yes, it really is. I didn’t think that they could still make such good music! It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good! Songs like “Bloodbath,” “Metal Manifesto,” Road Pigs” and “Unsuck My Cock” are great songs. These are definitely the best songs on the album. The atmosphere is so amazing.

The first song on the album is “Bloodbath,” and is my favourite. It starts off with a very catchy riff, and Gord does an amazing job at vocals here. His voice couldn’t fit better in, and especially when he snarls “Bloodbaaaaath!”

However, if you’re searching for something very speedy, then I don’t know if this album is for you.”Unsuck My Cock” and “Road Pigs” are fast songs, but those are the only ones too. “Volatile” has a cool beat too, but it isn’t that fast.

Not everything on this album is perfect. Songs like “Last Day Of The Weak” and “The Things I Give” are just silly. It’s just the same over and over again. Not anything special to say it like that.

Except for these songs, the rest is pretty well done. There are good solos in every song on the album. The solo in “Bloodbath” is the best, in my opinion. It is just mind blowing! Not only the guitar is great in this song, but the drums are too. Really hard double bass beats, which can make your room shake if you turn the volume up. The drums have at least got much better since their Metal Manifesto demo, which came around 2005. The drums there sounded like St. Anus, and St. Anus is the worst metal album in history! It isn’t even metal!

But I am not reviewing St. Anger now. I’m reviewing an album that cannot be compared to St. Anus. Metal Manifesto was a good shot. I hope Gord decides to make more albums with this band. It’s just sad that they have been inactive for so godamn many years. But oh well, now they’re back in business again, and they’re gonna do a good job too! So if you’ve heard some of their old stuff, and would like to see how they’re doing now, then listen to this album.