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England needs their Amon Amarth - 72%

wild_man_fisher, October 15th, 2004

This bearded foursome from Bradford, U.K., released this mini cd as, I suspect, a prelude to their upcoming second full length. Four hymns are preserved for the ages (or at least for the lifetime of a cd) and it is not without reason that I use the word "hymns".

The Enchanted deals in melodic and epic death metal. First thing that comes to my mind is "This is like a Brittish Amon Amarth". Both The Enchanted and aforementioned Vikings dwell on their ancient forefathers and their warlike past for inspiration. Pagan lyrical themes, in a way, but solely based on warfare and 'fighting for the goddess' and that sort of stuff.

All these cliché lyrics make The Enchanted kind of like a death metal Manowar. A pure matter of "love it or hate it", and I don't really mind. Themes of war go well with agressive music.

And speaking of music, The Enchanted do a very decent job at it. Hardly any blastbeats (sometimes they kick a song into Unleashed blast speed), but lots of galloping db drums and heavy bass guitar. The guitarhooks are somewhat reminicent to early Death (say, "Spiritual Healing"), mixed with the likes of At The Gates and early God Dethroned. And, as should be clear by now, Amon Amarth is mentioned often enough.
Vocals are growling and low, except for when singer Tony employs his Darren White (ex-Anathema) clean vocals, which just plainly suck.

All in all, an okay release from a band that apparently does very well in the English underground, but probably won't do a lot outside their homeland.