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Avant garde metal??? A new era at the gates? - 98%

666pure666, March 22nd, 2005

Firstly, The Elysian Fields have modernized their sound, which is absolutely well-accepted. Intro "Aeons Unlight" foretells of an experimental sequence and lingering keyboard lines following (" am Your Willing Darkness" show the new era the band has passed into. The first trademark "Elysian" blasts quickly enter the stage and are strengthened by a tremendous production. All instruments do sound where they should be and "Suffering..." bristles with power! The rhythmic riffing sequence is imaginative and has again as a significant contributor the use of intelligent keyboards that keep a space, soundtrack aesthetics.

Generally, the album has a magnificent sequence and I personally found it difficult to isolate favourite tracks. Thus, it is listened from the beginning to the end without being dull (quite rare lately, don 't you think?) The fact is that "Suffering G.O.D. Almighty" is a total multidimensional album (brings in mind somehow the latest "Dark Tranquillity's" works, not important note, only to give you a hint) and some devotees of minimalism in music will have objections and find it babbler. All the others who are fond of tons of thrash, death, black metal riffs in an epic aura, extraordinary breaks, electronic keyboard-ish short bridges, orchestral and violin arrangements, chaotic electric outbursts and relentless grunt-ology, will find another reason of spending their money, and I believe they won't be disappointed.

The important is that "The Elysian Fields" have matured amazingly (even though the songwriting talent has been always their advantage) and they really have a personal sound. Comparing with their previous works, I would say they have reduced the doom death elements and give full strength to more modern arrangements. However, the album balances from cosmic rage to gloomy mood. Listen for yourselves! The outcome is quite adventurous!!