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More of the same... - 55%

oneyoudontknow, April 7th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

In case someone enjoyed the first release of the band, this person will probably like this one as well. Why? Well, it is basically the same. Some tweaks in terms of the sound and elements can be found, but the overall direction is the same. Cryptic Ambience is some sort of copy of the initial demo Memento Mori. The dynamics are the same, the atmosphere is the same, the sound is the same. It would be not too far-fetched to speak of a band that avoids evolution.

From the point of a reviewer this would generally be an easy task: bash the musicians for their lack of inspiration on how to develop their concept further. Of the Canadian band Revenge the same can be said. Some projects squeeze in a narrow gap with hardly any freedom to move or mess around. If they are able to find a "target" audience and comfortable within this self-imposed limitation, why should this be a bad thing, then?

Cryptic Ambience is an endless stream of monotonous and minimal drone doom metal with some occasional clean vocals thrown in. The progression is steady, the riffs are steady, the sound is steady and so on. The build-up and the fading out in terms of each composition differs, but overall the direction is always the same. It is bleak, it is dark, it is slightly noisy. Through its conceptual minimalism the tracks might help to stimulate mediation or could be used as a background ambience. There is no need to pay much of an attention. It goes on and on and on. Maybe you need some proper drugs to really experience this type of music properly.

This album does not evoke a dream like atmosphere like Sunn O))) or Earth do. Rather those four tracks are overloaded with emptiness, which might spark an initial curiosity, but tends to wear down rather soon.