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Good for what it is, but hardly original - 72%

Xeper, April 14th, 2003

I'll admit, I kind of like this album. The drumming's tight (sounds triggered too, can't quite tell though) and pretty fast, the guitarists pull out some melodic and thrashy (albeit repetitive) riffing here and there, and the soloing is quite competent, with standard gothenburg vocals. It's not bad, per se. But in case you haven't figured it out by now, this album didn't leave me overflowing with praise, simply because it sounds like every album I've ever heard by Hatesphere, Enter My Silence, The Everdawn (is that the same Oskar? even the font of the band name matches), or the multitude of other gothenburg bands who don't have very distinctive sounds. If you can't get enough of that Swedish At the Gates/In Flames worship sound, I suppose you'll eat this right up, but I don't predict that I'll be listening to it ever again after about a week or so. Can't fault them for being technically competent and whatnot, but not worth money IMO.