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I Wrote This Review While Driving - 16%

OzzyApu, April 28th, 2009

Production is pretty crisp for a debut – the instruments are packing and the energy is juiced. You could tell these are party / concert songs with the amount of invisible-ninja fighting ingredients thrown in. The drumming is fanatic, bass couldn’t be more set aside, and the leadwork is pure Gothenburg worship. Recall that I’m stuck in some shitty traffic, so a lot of engines block out the bass. However, even with the volume blasting from this iPod, there still isn’t any oomph to it. I know the bass exists, I can hear it pretty clearly, but there is no power behind it at all – for shame.

My biggest complaint is the fucking vocals. I’ll give the guy some heart for his effort, but they’re way too pseudo-toughguy growling and border bullshit hardcore, completely undoing the impact of the frantic, zealous riffs. When this guy isn’t singing, it’s like pure bliss with ice cream. Double bass is like firing an M2 .50 cal, while the leads bend doses of typical melodic death, neo-classical (“Agoraphobic”), and American metalcore, so it is truly a mixed bag… or a bag of shit whatever. Another problem I’ve noticed is that while the songs attempt to be melodic, they aren’t catchy whatsoever, which defeats the purpose of being a melodic death / metalcore band in the first place.

What was that!? Twin leads on “Poison The Waters,” not too shabby and probably the most interesting thing I’ve heard thus far. Wait… “None” has a charging rhythm that slays? How did their album go from so dull to being worth a damn!? Oh I see, those were just false rays of hope, as the rest of the songs suck. Even another poorly inspired track, “Farewell Song,” has a fun solo – something these guys are better at writing that the songs themselves.

Oh fuck, monotonous clean vocals and a dry breakdown on the title track; now I can call this metalcore for sure. But alas, the solo briefly saved it from utter stone flinging (and I was ready to sling some rocks!) The last shot at making a decent song is the mid-paced, emotional track “Just Follow.” Somehow it ties influences from Blink 182 and a whole list of pop / alternative bands that I listened to while growing up. It’s still a deep sounding track that has a nostalgic touch to it, so it’s hard to berate.

There, the dirty deed is done (dirt cheap) – this album blows shrimp out of water and makes fish die en mass. Oh, and for those of you who even thought to criticize me on “lack of an effective playing method” (since I reviewed this with a piece of paper and a pen while writing on the steering wheel and listening to this on my iPod)…well, I’m home now and I skimmed the entire album again on my stereo… it still sucks.