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Great Debut Album! - 95%

Mors_Gloria, October 22nd, 2006

I have to admit that I like Swedish Death Metal. And I have to tell that this debut album is a gem. Black Lotus have released the debut album of The Duskfall and it's very sad that this company became bankrupt. Back to the music now.

This album contains some great songs. "The Light", "Age of Errors" and especially "Frailty" are standout tracks. "Frailty" is the only song that features clean vocals, which is perfectly executed by Lawrence Mackrory, which add intensity to Kai Jaakola's grunts.

This album is played in the way that Melodic Death Metal should be played. The guitars are perfectly executed, the drumming is very solid and along with the bass they transmit you the rhythm.

The vocal lines are clever and Kai Jaakola does a great job. These guys have a talent in songwriting. The album is full of great moments and only one song is not enjoyable. "Tunes of Slaughtered Hearts" is a really bad written song, although it seems to have a good riff, it doesn't seem to lead somewhere.

The actual highlight of this album, though, is the soloing. Magnus Olsson does a fantastic job. His solos are played without distortion, just simple clear overdrive guitar, and give a progressive feeling to the songs. I have to tell that even though the album is purely Melodic Death Metal, the soloing reminds me of the US Power Metal school.

If you are fans of Swedish Death Metal, especially if you like At The Gates, you'll love this album.