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Very Good Melodic Death - 88%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 14th, 2008

Ok, they play At The Gates style with influences from early melodic death metal scene and what’s the fucking matter if they do good music anyway? It’s so hard to find groups like this one that can make a good album without inventing anything new and I don’t consider this a bad thing at all. Something other influences can ruin the sound so they decided to stay old school and I like it.

Watching the line up these guys have a lot of experience in this field because they were members of the great Gates Of Ishtar band and so it’s so difficult we can find a bad product. Here we have the natural continuation of Gates Of Ishtar work, more focused on their last period with more At The Gates sounds and less Dissection ones.

Anyway this album features great songs that can wisely mix more brutal parts with melodic chorus or refrains. An example of this is the opener “The Light” where the fast up tempos are broken by the great refrain with melodic guitars lines. Follow the more mid paced “Age Of Errors” and the speed “Agoraphobic” that features a great melodic job on 1:55 and good solos.

The vocals are always screamed and non melodic at all. Another great song is the sad “None”, full of desperate melodies with the support of some keys sounds. The drum sound is solid and the palm muting by the guitars is always clear cut and precise and for this check out the good, fast “Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts”. The title track features clean vocals too and I must admit their very good and not gaudy at all.

This is how melodic death metal should be played, with its prominent influences but without modernism and electronic-shit sounds. Very good job.