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caspian, February 4th, 2011

Ocean Machine: Biomech is just as brilliant (if not moreso) as the day I bought that enigmatic album, so it was with some considerable excitement that I received this package in the mail a few months ago. BUT IT SUCKS

It's annoying because there's a few moments that if developed properly could've been pretty rad. Babysong's got this hella lush intro that I dig, that sweetass solo in Triumph would've taken ages to get right. That strange tribal/orchestral deal in Pixillate is really quite great, interesting and unique, when it's not surrounded by super boring riffing. The best bit of proof that surprisingly, Townsend does still have the knack would be Vampira, which is basically the only song that works all the way through; where Townsend's habit of "krazy whackiness" actually compliments the simple and catchy semi-thrash riffs.

The rest? Well, I'd probably like it more if Townsend called it a production showcase and was down with it. 'Whacky'/'Funny' interludes (only Yankovic is allowed to Polka), Notes From Africa where a simple midpaced riff is repeated until you hate the entire universe, Triumph's complete lack of meaning, where a bunch of cool stuff is just slapped together in a really unsatisfying way. Or you could try 'A Simple Lullaby' which tries (and fails) to make up for it's boring as hell downtuned, happy-doom guitar work by virtue of its' massive production. So on and so forth.

Just no focus, no point to the whole thing. It's weird that these songs sound so utterly unfocused, so scatterbrained, so completely pointless yet the production is amazing (although his guitar tone has never made my dick hard and here's no exception). I get the feeling that the time spent on producing this compared to the time spent writing it is easily 100:1. Unfortunately, the pristine tones and millions of layers can't hide the fact that hardly anything here goes anywhere.

Yeah so this basically sucks a great deal and I can't see even the biggest Devin fan digging on this. That's because it's shit.