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The Dead Sea - The Ceremony - 90%

dsbm_fanatic, July 27th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, CD, Endless Winter

As the doom death metal scene is not as active as it was 10 years ago in the Middle East, still some musicians try their best to create enjoyable records for the fans to keep this genre alive, one of these projects was The Dead Sea from Jordan. The debut album Hypernatremia was released last year and left very good vibes in the ears of the listeners as the atmosphere and the melodies were doomed enough to be memorable, and now this year the second full-length album The Ceremony of Marrying a Mummy is released to prove to the listeners that the doom death energy is still alive and breathing in this side of the world.

The album consists of 10 tracks, the general atmosphere is a variety of an early 90s doom death metal sound, along with some atmospheric elements and symphonic touches that creates a total doomy sound. I heard many types of vocals in this record, Azmo Lozmodial (the mind behind the project) did the growling, the clean and the spoken vocals, and also female guest vocals were added to complete dark melancholic wall of sound. The production was basic, but all instruments including the bass and the keyboards were audible and recognizable in the mix.

The concept story behind the album really can send shivers down the spine, as it tells the famous story of Carl Tanzler, who lived more than 7 years with his beloved corpse. The artwork and the poetic lyrics represent the concept very well, leaving the imagination of the listeners to sink inside the melancholic sound with the help of the gloomy figure in the artwork and the lyrical performance. What I also liked about this record is the arrangements of the lyrics inside the music, as the songwriting didn't stiff too much words and tried his best to keep the lyrics simple and and conceptional as much as possible to prevent unneeded repetition.

"I've always imagined how do you look in white,
With consumed flesh, what a majestic sight.
It's like this color was created for you,
To cover the worms, your neck, and your bones too"

Many moments inside the record reminded me of the 90s era of My Dying Bride, especially when the violin conquers the sound and produces a lot nostalgic feelings, also the use of clean guitars helped a lot to achieve the needed environment. My favorite tracks in this record is "Saline Whispers", "My Withered Admirer", and the title track "The Ceremony of Marrying a Mummy".

If you are a doom death metal fan, and you enjoy the melodic part of this type of music, you have to get this record immediately, the mixture of sounds here is very enjoyable, as it sums up all the elements of melancholy, nostalgia, and dark romance.