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Fantastic doomy death metal - 92%

Daemonlord, July 5th, 2011

Well, this is this months surprise package for me, hands down. I was expecting something good from this Diabolical Conquest label, as I know the guys behind it are some of the most hard nosed death metal fans on earth. But when I finally got around to hearing The Dead's music, I wasn't expecting them to sound quite like they do - and to be honest, I'm really pleased because of it.

You see, The Dead are an anomaly in the death metal scene. They're one of the most unique death metal bands I've come across for quite a while in fact. Their overall sound on 'Ritual Executions' (their 2nd full length effort), is pretty hard to nail down perfectly with a regular 'metal sub genre' label. This album is dripping with all sorts of different vibes, be it the early doom-filled haze of Autopsy's deathly extravaganzas, to the feverish hateful murk of early Incantation, one would almost be tempted to call this doom/death... but.. I don't know. It doesn't seem a suitable enough label to cover the pure awesomeness that seeps from every second of this album.

If Electric Wizard circa 'Dopethrone' were to begin playing death metal, getting Chris Reifert in for guest vocals and toking on the odd bong and dropping a few tabs of acid in between songs, whilst flicking through passages from the Necronomicon, this would be a closer approximation of the fantastic muddy death these guys serve up in spades. The aura The Dead give off is of such an awe inspiring and refreshingly 'different' nature, it really sucks you in for the album's entirety, whisking you away to the darkest corner of Hades, where the walls drip with boiling tar and acrid black smoke billows from the cracks in the floor.

So, it's clearly full marks from me to The Dead for their primal brand of fuzzy, sludgy, grim and hazy transcendent death metal. The Dead should be to seasoned death metal fans what Faustcoven were to seasoned Black Metal fans a few years back a shot in the arm, and a kick in the arse. Good shit!

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