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More of the same - 93%

immortalshadow666, February 27th, 2009

“Slow Death By Grinding” is basically a shorter, slightly-better-produced version of TDEBN’s debut album, and if you enjoyed “Le Mort”, there is absolutely no reason you won’t like this EP. Notable is the considerably gorey art – with the band members faking their own deaths and a slashed hand on the cover, it’s a pretty dirty sight to see and straight away you can tell that there will be no messing around.

But, we’re not here for the visuals, and as I mentioned, those who enjoyed the first album will enjoy this. Containing only 3 new tracks, I’ll separate this review into two sections – the new tracks, and the other two – a cover and a fake live track.

Really, the three new tracks could have been tacked onto the end of Le Mort and you couldn’t tell the difference. There hasn’t been branching out into anything new, bar a couple of samples in the opener and some raspy screams in “Vin Cerro”. The riffing and drum work is relatively the same – safe, true, trusted, HEAVY mid-paced groovy goregrind that will make you bang your head, the only difference being that mostly the material is faster. Not very noticeably, but if you listen, it’s just a little faster this time around.

The production is a little heavier, however this costs it a couple of points actually. It’s almost too heavy, and quite often the riffing gets lost in the sheer bass of everything – however as “Slow Death…” isn’t about melody, the too-heavy production only costs it a couple of points.

Album highlight - it has to be pointed out that Mardy is a very talented drummer – he only has a basic kit, but this actually works very well and the EP is quite heavy and tight drum-wise. The beats sound simplistic at first but upon closer inspection, the listener should notice that it requires that fairly hefty passages of the recording require a lot of precision in terms of the drums.

The track they chose to cover is “Fuel for Hatred” by Satyricon, an odd choice for a goregrind band. I’m not familiar with the original track, but anyone knows that Satyricon are black metal – and I like the goregrind style cover of this. I don’t like when bands try to cover songs as close to the original as they can instead of putting their own unique spin on it, but TDEBN do this cover quite nicely, adopting the track as one of their own.

The only real low point of the album is the (fake) live track at the end – I felt that Mortem was one of the weaker tracks on the album and if they needed to fill some album time with a fake live track, they should have chosen a much better one, like “Gravel” or “Industry”, as I felt they were much stronger tracks. However, with such a short EP, not a lot can go wrong, and this is the only thing that does go wrong.

So it is indeed a quick death by grinding, but it’s a pretty sore death at that. There are actually some very good hidden aspects, but don’t look too heavily into it, it is goregrind after all. I rate it very highly, and fans of the genre will too.

awesome follow-up - 90%

MutatisMutandis, June 22nd, 2008

I've decided to do a TDEBN marathon review, plunking down evaluations of each release in chronological order.
Summer is boring as fuck sometimes.
Released back in 2005, these Oz gorefiends further their prestige with a 5 track EP consisting of three ass-blistering originals, an unprecedented cover of Satyricon's Fuel For Hatred, and an assumedly faux-live version of Mortem for no discernible reason. If you tuned in for Le Mort, Slow Death By Grinding is in the same vein - mindnumblingly heavy, slow to mid-paced goregrind with some of the nastiest bass thunder you'll ever lay ears upon.

The first track busts in with a sample from some movie I'm ashamedly not geek enough to recognize, then takes a slightly more rocking, Blood Duster twist to their previously established sound while retaining the brutality the aforementioned act is known to stray from. Vin Cerro introduces a slightly more organic take on the screech vocals present in their debut, but honestly, detract some of the song's momentum. The overly loud squawking pitch-shift of "Horror" and "Gravel" from Le Mort gelled far better with the band's overall atmosphere, in my opinion.

But suddenly, Nothing But Death busts this bitch in old school. It's a speedier cut, and in all respects, ROCKS THE FUCK OUT, MOTHERFUCKER. The hooky riffs and off-kilter vocal patterns allow me to flex my repeat button til my "thrash muscles" need a deep tissue massage. Definately the highlight of this EP. The Satyricon cover is suprisingly fantastic, and considering how little fanship I can extend to Satyricon, I'm thankful they wrote it for TDEBN to mess around with.

The CD closes with the suspiciously clean sounding "live" cut of Mortem, complete with similarly suspicious crowd-response loops. Those crazy kids and their rockstar dreams... Pick this up, but not until you've experienced a full length of theirs; it's great, it's just not the best introduction to the band.

Quick death yet enjoyable. - 95%

BeastOfCarrion, June 19th, 2005

Their latest effort released earlier this year. Notably the band has the guitarist from Fuck ...I’m Dead and the vocalist from Blood Duster. They play pitch shifted, upbeat grind, along the lines of Cock and Ball Torture, but more upbeat. There isn't much difference between this one, and their last release Le Mort, though I think the production may be slightly better. I quite enjoy the album generally, there is a great 'live' song (Mortem off their first album) as well as a cover of Satyricon's Fuel For Hatred. Though thankfully this cover is done in the bands own style rather than a 'true to the origional' rock song.

That leaves only 3 original songs, meaning that your 'slow death' isn’t really all that slow after all, in fact, you are supposed to be dead in 16 minutes and 39 seconds. Although I gather that being grinded to death for that long would be painful, I prefer slow deaths to take longer. My other issue with the album is that I don't particularly like the screamy, raspy vocals on the second track. Even though the riffs and drums are as good as any other track I find myself skipping this song because the vocals annoy me that much.

All up, this is a nice crunchy album and a worthwhile buy and addition to anybodies collection.

I couldn't have expected less from Tony and Dave - 90%

MrHate, May 5th, 2005

Blood Duster and Fuck...I'm Dead are two of the finest grind/death bands in Australia at the moment, so I was especially eager to hear what happened when a key member from each band got together to make some grind with a slightly more serious tone than the usual toilet humour of BD and FID.

Don't get me wrong, the lyrics and songs from both bands are hilarious and I love them both, but I'm always up for some more substance in the music I listen to.

Straight out, I could tell this EP was going to be great. I don't know how they've done it, but the tone and sound of the guitars almost made me wet my pants. Extremely bassy yet clear with an attack that makes me think this is how all metal guitars should sound. Tony's vocals are quite different than in Blood Duster and he shows what a talented vocalist he is, similar to his work on Yeest and Fisting the Dead.

The live track is pretty decent although the crowd noises sound like they were lifted off of Pantera's 101 Proof Live album or Black Sabbath's Reunion.

Overall, the music is much more similar to death than it is to grind, but those grind elements are still there. Possibly my only complaint is some bland drumming which gives everything a slower doomier feel.