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An Amazing Work Of Brutality and Crunchiness - 100%

Cryptwatcher, August 1st, 2008

First, I would like to say this, I have never been a big goregrind fan at all. When a friend had recommended this particular band to me a few months back, I was hesitant on giving this album a listen. However, I overcame those thoughts and decided to give this album a listen. And holy shit, I am happy I did.

Where to start? I guess I am going to start with the vocals, which are, to me, my favorite "instrument" in this album. The vocals in this album are some of the deepest and most guttural I have ever heard, even for a pitch shifter, It seemed rather guttural, so I was very impressed. The vocals are also very different from other bands I have heard, and also being one of the best. It is hard to imagine a human being is actually doing these vocals, they are THAT punishing.

Next, the guitar work. The guitar work has such a crunchy, somewhat simple, deep, and distorted sound that it was enough to make my bedroom window rattle when I played it loud enough. The guitar work, along with the vocals, give this album a thick groove sound, almost distracting you from the punishingly brutal sound, and more on the groove, which is most likely the highlight of this album. Especially on my favorite track, "Gravel," where every time I feel like dancing rather than moshing.

The drum work in this album, like the guitar work, has a thick groove sound, yet at the same time, pack a punch of a lust for brutality. The slamming and grooving of this drummer made the entire groove stand out. Without this drummer, this album could have turned out to be a sack of shit. If they chose to use some kind of blast beat maniac drummer rather than the jazzy approach, I would have most likely given this album a 0%. The drumming is what elevated absolutely everything.

As a whole, this is an extremely memorable album, even for someone not a big fan of goregrind such as myself. There is something in this album for every metalhead, that being the brutality, the groove, or the overall originality in this release. This album blew me away, and made me more interested in exploring the goregrind world. Listen to it. You will not regret it in the least bit.

facestompin' aussie fun - 100%

MutatisMutandis, June 22nd, 2008

I was actually under the impression I already reviewed this album - like, 3 years ago. Better late then never, then. Well, that's not true - I know you don't give a flying fuck whether I review this album or not. In which case, I'm reviewing it out of spite. Suck it, nob glomper. Anyway, The Day Everything Became Nothing debuted with Le Mort way back in... what, 2004 already? Shit. I'm doing that 'growing up' thing again.

Consisting of members of Fuck...I'm Dead and Blood Duster, two of Australia's most established grind acts, who's expectation for this band wouldn't be high? Fortunately, my expectations were not only met, but surpassed, as Le Mort displays some of the most balls-out crushing brutality ever to surface from down under. The production is thick, crunchy, and ominously dark due in part to the absolutely massive bass underbelly.

Chundering, mid-paced rhythmic grooves are perfectly accented by the riffing's biting, oddly timed hooks, and the vocal patterns are among the most catchy and interesting I've ever encountered. The vocals themselves are reminiscent of a less sloppy Last Days Of Humanity pitch shift, and are occasionally accompanied tastefully by a throaty screech, giving the whole project a feeling that could only be described as "sensibly professional".

Clocking in at just over a half hour with 10 tracks, including an intro and a hidden wank session, I'm not sure I could choose any standouts, but the entire package is fantastic - artwork and layout inclusive. Considering this band has already released an EP and two more full lengths since Le Mort first showed it's ugly head, this is definately the band to invest in if you're ready to drop trow and get your herniated-bowels on.

Massive - 80%

The_Evil_Hat, June 10th, 2008

A few months or so I was obsessed with grindcore. I eagerly grabbed whatever grind I could obtain, and devoured it at a ferocious rate. Unfortunately, a large part of the grind scene is utter shit. The vast majority of bands simply play crappy riffs at high speeds for a few seconds while gurgling incomprehensibly. In addition, countless bands like to pig squeal and this hideous technique ruin countless otherwise decent bands.

Still, amid the crap there are undeniable gems. Two of these gems are the Australian bands Fuck…I’m Dead and Blood Duster. Those two bands got together to play something a bit more serious than their current projects, and they came up with this.

The introduction is very weird, starting with a growl and then some twisted soft rock. After that the album explodes out of your speakers. There is not another pause until it ends, which is unfortunately not a very long wait. Most grind is very brutal, but not much is heavy. Usually, it is too fast to be truly heavy. This release has no such problem. This album is MASSIVE. In heaviness it is up there with Electric Wizard, Devourment and Ahab for the title of the heaviest band I’ve ever heard, and that is no small feat.

The music is (unlike most grind) solidly mid tempo. There are fast bits, but they are the exception rather than the rule. The songs also have countless breakdowns. No, not Deathcore breakdowns. These are crushingly heavy and incredibly good. While the breakdowns themselves don’t vary much, they are unlike any I’ve ever heard before. This band has a groove a mile wide, and if you don’t find yourself head banging, you might want to get yourself examined by a doctor. Or, at the least, never listen to any grind again.

The guitars alternate between faster grind riffs and the incredible breakdowns, doing both with ease. They aren’t very complex – but they don’t need to be. Their riffs are heavy and unique. There are no solos to be found, but they would be out of place on an album like this, anyway. The bass generally follows the guitars, its sound is massive but it’s playing never does too much. (An exception being the song ‘Industry’, where it leads the groove for a bit.)

The drums are excellent, and probably the best grindcore drumming that I have ever heard. They frequently use a simple blast beat, but if fits the music. There isn’t much double bass drumming, but that’s more in death metal than grindcore (although it could sound great if used here.) Where the drums truly shine is during the breakdowns where their symbol work really carries the music.

Remember the introduction to this review? I mentioned that pig squeals and pitch shifted gurgles ruined countless bands. Well, that is not the case here. The gurgles actually manage to sound good and help the music along. They don’t sound human – or even like any animal I’ve ever heard. They sound almost mechanical. They're far enough along the pitch shifted road of retarded lowness that all humanity is gone - but not far enough along said road to turn into the sound of a running faucet. In addition, there are also occasional shouted vocals. (like more standard grind) They have some kind of distortion added to them (At the least they sound a lot like they’re twisted and deformed) and they actually help the robotic feel.

As for the lyrics themselves – I have no idea what the hell they are. The vocals are indistinguishable and the song titles reveal nothing. In fact, every one of the song titles is a single word. This helps aid the emotionless and robotic feel of the whole affair, although it does leave you a bit clueless as to the actual themes behind all the grunting.

The production is simply perfect. Everything can be heard perfectly and the music has an enormous low end. The sound is (as I’ve said quite a few times already,) massive and I can think of no flaws with the sound of this album.

This album almost has a mechanical feel, not in the industrial metal sense, but as if the band were actually machines. The music is crushing and utterly inhuman. The oddly structured breakdowns lend an odd nature to it and the vocals don’t sound human in the least. While listening to this, you’re far more likely to think of a gigantic and unstoppable mechanical demon coming to flatten you than a bunch of young Australian guys playing guitars.

Unfortunately, this release isn’t completely flawless (although it is pretty damn close). First, this album is only twenty minutes. While there is no bad tracks, it is simply too short. In addition, the last half or so of Mortem is silence, so it looses another few minutes there. (Luckily, the band would expand the running time on their follow up album, Invention:Destruction)

This album also has almost no variety. While it is unique and different from pretty much any other grind I’ve heard, the songs themselves do little to distinguish themselves from each other. While the riffs themselves may be different, the overall drive and feel are pretty much the same. In a way, this helps the album. Since it is so short it doesn’t get boring, and the similarities are yet another factor in the mechanical atmosphere. I suppose it would be tough to differentiate the songs due to their relatively short length (although, for grindcore they’re on the longer side of average) but some variation is always welcome. Due to the lack of said variation, the album is best listened to as a whole. It is short enough and the songs all blend together into one twenty minute track of immense proportions.

On the whole, this is a stunning album. From a purely musical perspective it is almost perfect, unfortunately the short running time and monotony causes the loss of some points. Still, this is a highly recommended album. If you are a fan of any kind of grind or brutal death metal, I strongly recommend you to pick this up. The standout tracks would be: Blind, Industry, Naked, Horror and Gravel.

Intense and heavy goregrind. - 80%

immortalshadow666, October 9th, 2006

Well this project sprung up out of nowhere (at the time). You’d think that you can’t go wrong with a goregrind act featuring members of Melbourne’s two most popular metal bands, Blood Duster (Tony on vocals) and Fuck…I’m Dead (Dave on guitar). And well…you don’t!

“Le Mort” is a fairly normal goregrind album. It’s all here; filthily down-tuned guitars, low pitch-shifted vocals, and bass to dislodge any vital body part and make it groove around.

The intro is called “Revisionist” and is rather strange. It starts with one of Tony’s growls, and then after a really weird build-up, it goes into what sounds like a distorted radio recording of the Beatles.

After this, the opening song “Naked” comes out your speakers like a pissed off mammoth. This is not just heavy, but massive. It is some great mid-tempo goregrind, with quite a lot of groove as well as the heaviness. It’s less than two minutes in length, but it achieves all it needs too without leaving you desiring more or less of the same track, and leaving you suitably banged out.

“Horror” is the next real stand out track. It starts with a riff that contains some good melodies, in the beginning, before it descends back into some more filthy, heavy violence. “Gravel” and “Industry” are the other real highlight tracks.

One thing to note is the extremely heavy production. This is one of the best production jobs I have heard EVER, let alone on a debut full-length. It is extremely clean and every instrument, including the vocals, are as heavy as the next, and are more than likely to satisfy fans of this.

I don’t know whether this album follows a theme, but all the track titles are only one word, which is something notable – it doesn’t do anything for the actual album content, but it does leave the listener with a bit of a sense of mystery, as to where they get their lyrical inspiration from.

So in a nutshell, the lack of variation and originality, particularly regarding the vocals, kills it and stops the album from really being a behemoth. But, that won’t stop you from enjoying this album very much if you’re into crushing and ferociously heavy goregrind, and I certainly am. 80%.