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The Day Everything Became Nothing - Invention... - 95%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

This is the third album from these depraved Aussie goregrinders. But grind feels like sort of a wrong word to use, as you might associate it with screechy guitars and blistering speed, which is not the case here. What The Day Everything Became Nothing offers is ultra heavy, super down-tuned, churning and hammering, sludgy gore. It’ll grind you down into the soil, bury you deep down in the dark. But it won’t be with raging blast beats, but with the most destructive, groovy riffing known to mankind. The deep, sinister growling will have you on your knees, crying like a little child. The extremely brutal vocals, be it growl or obscure screams, combined with the ultra heavy sound of the music will have you banging your head non-stop. And you’ll keep headbanging, rocking back and forth, until you’ve set yourself in a trance, absolutely mesmerized by the monstrous riffing. There are a few outbursts where the music goes apeshit and blasts away like crazy. But no matter what, I can’t stop rocking back and forth.

If there’s one album that’ll send you into a murderous fury, a blind rage, then it’s Invention: Destruction. A devastating display of monstrous, rigorous riffing, mind-altering, lobotomising vocals and ritualistic drumming.

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