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Aussie Grind kills, fucking kills! - 100%

Invaginator, June 16th, 2007

TDEBN are an Australian Gore/Grind band, that is pretty much up-tempo, chuggy, with many catchy and chunjy riffs, that you must bang your head to. Already their Full Lenght from 2003, LE MORT, made me a fan of this band, and the new release is even a biggerhit. Every self-respected and mentally instable Gore/Grind and Grindcore freak must have either one of these releases, else he should start listening to ZZ Top. In TDEBN you will find members of Blood Duster, Fuck...I'm Dead and The Kill, all kick-ass Grind bands from the Aussie continent, so this promises a fun and entertaining listening. TDEBN is simple, catchy, groovey and killer Gore/Grind. And just because it's simply played, but with some crazy rhythms and breaks, you will get easy into it, and get hard away from it. None of the songs on INVENTION:DESTRUCTION is of less quality than the rest, since these guys tend to make each song a killer. This release lacks of the maniacal blast beats and screamings most Grindcore bands are known for, and it lacks stupid, senseless parts, that are mostly just a blastbeat and screaming, in fact, all the same shit. TDEBN is a great band, with more than just potential. They have found the right way of making Gore/Grind interesting again, making it a certain style in Metal music, and giving it their special touch, just like Carcass did. Maybe there will be a hype about this band in some 5, or 10 years, and they will generate a whole wave of TDBN-copy/paste bands, that will copy the style of this band. This is a perfect album, for parties, hang outs, weed conversations, chilling and fucking. This is a perfect album in every way. So enjoy it, bitches!