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Sleaze Doom - 93%

ZodiacDigital, September 7th, 2009

If you're interested in this album, chances are it's because the singer, Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, is in Overkill. But let me tell you right away this doesn't resemble that band's brand of over the top hyperspeed thrash. Nope, instead we get a good helping of slowed down gritty guitar playing from Non Fiction's Dan Lorenzo. The only comparable moment in Overkill's discography is their doomy "I Hear Black" album, in which their Sabbath influences were pushed ahead of the thrash. But even Blitz doesn't sound like he usually does, at times employing a gravelly bellow like he does on "Native Tongue" (a standout track), changing his delivery often, sometimes shrieking as he is known to, sometimes singing, always providing variety. There's also two saxophone (!) solos, and they work very well, and provide a breath of fresh air. There's a sense of doom in this album, but it is not majestic or depressing like doom usually is, rather, it is pure New Jersey sleaze. with lyrics about sleazy women and the like. The most memorable song is almost definitely "Serpentine Slither", which is built around jazzy cymbal playing and a snakey bassline, that is so unlike anything Overkill or any other metal band has ever put out. There's some faster moments, but none of it is quite thrash. The riffs are good, some of them fairly simple but still do the job. The solos are good too, but they're not exactly the best point. The songwriting is actually very good, with a couple of catchy hooks, all delivered with conviction by Blitz, who probably steals the show. A fresh, doomy slab of New Jersey sleaze, it's definitely worth checking out, even if you're not an Overkill fan.