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I am paralyzed by the magnificience! - 99%

SoulSeekJay, July 20th, 2004

The musicianmanship on display with The Crown's fifth album is incredible. In addition, the impact is everlasting. What these eleven tracks bring to the table are, for starters, an impressive barrage of everything from blast beats to thrash beats to percussive time signatures which are impossible to forget.

The vocals are done by Tomas Lindberg, best known as the frontman of now-defunct Swedish metal masters At The Gates and his screams and lyrical themes are as blood curdling as ever.

The album is packed with majestic guitar riffs interwoven with the framework of death metal and features thrash metal choruses so old-school and authentic that it will be looked back upon ten years from now and still be a post-period classic.

Melodic solos are LAW throughout the album and despite a growing numbers' cowardly distaste for solos, any solos pulled off at such break-neck speeds, which The Crown have become famous for need to be memorized and worshipped.

The layer of sound which envelopes the listener throughout each track is so captivating that it completely eclipses most albums in modern day hard music. I have always held quality death and thrash metal close to my heart and aside from Carcass' Heartwork, At The Gates' 1995 classic Slaughter Of The Soul had always been number one on my list.

The Crown's fifth album, Crowned In Terror, is now number one on my list, having dethroned Slaughter Of The Soul; A task considered impossible by many, due to that album's sheer passion and execution of melodic thrash metal.