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New era of Swedish death metal is here! - 95%

AriesWarlock, July 10th, 2003

The first time I heard of The Crown was when they were playing over here, so I went to this club and saw them playing and I never knew that the singer was no other than At the Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg (at that moment)! I would have tried to get an autograph…if only I had known… Crowned In Terror is another great album from Swedish death metalers The Crown. Crowned In Terror, however, it’s very different from their previous albums.

This album is very “trashy” and comes with a high dose of speed. I am focusing my attention on the “thrashiness” of this album because: 1) this is different from what The Crown usually plays, and so this new approach sure adds some innovative characteristics to their typical sound; and 2) it’s very different from regular Swedish death metal. Sure, you can obviously notice that this is a death metal album, but there are some thrash metal elements here for sure, and if you are an old The Crown fan you will clearly notice how different this album is from previous ones. The guitars are very fast and precise; at times they are just brutal and always making you want more of them – just listen to the last minutes of Under the Whip and you will understand. The drumming is very well done, what an awesome display of his abilities Janne Saarenpää does on the drums. Just listen to the beginning of Under the whip (my favorite song from the album, in case you haven’t noticed), what a badass intro with the bad ass drumming! And Tomas Lindberg does a great job on the vocals. His distinguished and violent voice is perfect for the music of The Crown.

The Crown again has come with a magnificent album filled with hate, speed and metal. The Swedish death metal scene needed something new, and in my opinion this album represents a new stage in Swedish death metal.