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Contaminated Yet Cleansed - 78%

TheLegacyReviews, November 15th, 2012

It wasn't until August 2012 I really explored The Cleansing when they warmed up for Gorguts in Copenhagen. Prior to that I only knew the band by name and I was only present to see Gorguts perform for the first time in 16 years or so on Danish soil. But I got bored of waiting and forced my ass inside where The Cleansing had just begun their set, and I was positively surprised. I decided to explore the band further and learned that they had another singer when they started out, and their first album is not really in the reach of my likings to be honest. So after acquiring the new lead singer Toke Eld, The Cleansing set out to record the follow up to the bands debut, Poisoned Legacy. Previously Toke used to be the front man of Usipian which he formed back in the day, but taking part in The Cleansing has been a wise choice and with the new vocals I think the band sound better than ever!

The more I listen to this record the better it gets. People often describes the band, and their albums as mediocre, and maybe they are. To be honest I am not a death metal fanatic but I enjoy some of the old stuff from the nineties. As I said, the record gets better for every listen. At first it didn't strike me as anything special, but after some time and really listening it through it has received a lot of air play on my stereo lately.

With smashing highlights in the likes of Third Eye Starring, Hour of Decadence, Two Days and Crossroads and down to the slower but yet still awesome song Processed to Contamination a song that just got a special feel to it. If you like me enjoy to work out and need a little refreshment for your playlists of fierce power, it would be a good idea to include some songs from this album. The feel of the album really comes to life if you own a good pair of speakers. Everything blends in the way it should and sound wise there is not really anything that I would put a finger on, production wise. Every album has its fillers and doll moments and so does this Feeding the Inevitable.

If you like Behemoth then there is a chance this is something for you as they got a few similarities. I noticed this as when I suddenly had the urge to listen to some Behemoth, so after hearing some tracks from Evangelion and Thelema.6, I was pulling towards another cleansing listen of Feeding the Inevitable. If you however don't like Behemoth then don't be scared off! I said a few similarities.

Remy Cuveillier is the artist who brought forth the artwork for this album, he has also made artwork for bands like Thy Art Is Murder, Terrordome, Dawn of Disease and Whitechapel. There's not really anything mind blowing about the cover, but it sure isn't an ugly cover. For a follow up to this album I hope maybe the band would employ Dan Seagrave no matter how cliché it might be. Actually Toke's former band Usipian had Seagrave create the artwork for their album Dead Corner of the Eye, so maybe there's hope?

Feeding the Inevitable is a good and solid death metal album with a scent of brutal style over it. Mediocre or not, this album entertained me from start till finish and I believe that the bands finest work is yet to come.

-Alexander Dinesen

Feeding the Mediocrity - 68%

necropsyalpha, November 8th, 2011

Sometimes it’s just nice to hear a band get its crisp clean nice brutal sounding production... Unfortunately bands cant always live up to the epic sounding production that "The Cleansing" has achieved on "Feeding The Inevitable".

Some songs are quite nice yet they never sway beyond the bounds of average death metal songs. Songs like Hour of Decadence start nice but i kind of half expect the song to branch out in a variety of riffs and go somewhere epic Yet they don’t they just seem to start, linger for a while and end. That isn’t to say the album isn’t enjoyable to listen to, it is, its just nothing to write home about.

The albums strongest point is the production everything is clean crisp and brutal sounding. The way many great 90' bands would have wanted to achieve. Kudos to the producer for knowing a great death metal sound and achieving it.

Another strong point of the album is the vocals. While not unique or ultra brutal; they Serve as above average and not detracting from the music. However I will point out the lyrics seem completely uninteresting to me. Allot like a person’s first attempt at writing something deep and moving but just coming off as contrived and typical.

The Cleansing has a lot of untapped potential. Unfortunately there just not going far enough to tap into it... Hopefully the next releases will see that, and hopefully without the addition of Keyboards!

Slower doom laden songs break the album up such as "Processed for Contamination". However again the song suffers from repetition and doesn’t really blossom into any triumphant guitar solos or riff variety that I was hoping for.

The guitar is well played and the drums are well performed. However there's nothing here compelling or catchy or even memorable. The solos are shorter but well done yet they lack distinctness making the album again add to the generic death metal factor.

One gripe on this album is the spoken word. unless a band really puts forth some effort in tying things like that or sound clips into the whole working order of the album, it ends up being simply boring.

The album seems to be plagued by averagely written death metal. I see a lot of potential in this album, and its great hearing a band hear their sound, I just hope they can crank up the epicenes on their next release and break above the masses of death metal. While the drums and guitar are well played the material written here simply doesn't shine beyond the sea of other death metal bands and defiantly doesn't touch on the giant albums released this year by Fleshgod Apocalpse or Belphegor.