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Incredible demo - 100%

Coldness_of_winter, March 8th, 2005

I was interested how good is Grecian metal scene. Firstly I saw The Circle Of Zaphyan name. It looked really attractive so I decided to dowlnload their demo from their website. I'm not dissapointed.
Not many bands take care of quality of sound in their demos. In case of TCOZ we have a great example that there are exceptions. Production of this release is on the highest level. We can delight in music without any obstacles. Athanassios Aggelis made a wonderful work just to give us piece of the most interesting music I ever heared. Songs are heavy, fast and powerful with few slower parts. Guitar solos, keys and samples make amazing atmosphere which brings you into some kind of trance. This sensation is just incredible.
In the end we want more and more. I can't wait for the full-lenght album. I hope it will be as good as this demo or even better :) I wish you all and myself more products on this level. Big applause for this band!