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Incredible Debut - 91%

TheSomberlain, February 3rd, 2006

This is The Chasm's first album. The guitar and bass sound on this album is very nice. You can hear the bass throughout the entire album, which is always a plus. With this album The Chasm played a style of death metal all their own. The production is a bit more raw than later albums but with the guitar tone it fits very well. I personally love Daniel Corchado's guitar playing. The riffs have a really doomy depressing sound to them and the solos are very melodic.

The opening track, Conqueror of the Mourningstar , is one of the best off of the album. Nice melodic riff and solos all over the place. The next two tracks, A Dream of an Astral Spectrum (To an Eternal Hate) and Confessions of a Strange Anxiety, both have some spoken parts in them that sound out of place a bit, but they don't last that long. A Dream of an Astral Spectrum has some killer bass to start off the song. The best song on the album is The Day of Liberation. Like almost all songs by The Chasm it starts out with some great riffage. The last track is The Lonely Walker (My Pride and My Wrath) which has some more spoken parts but is really an instrumental outro. I'll let it be known The Chasm write the best instrumentals.

If you can find the re-release it comes with two tracks, The Cosmos Within and Stair to Aspirations, both from the Awaiting the Day of Liberation demo. These songs sound a lot more raw, which is obvious since these are demo tracks. Corchado's vocals are a lot deeper and more death metal sounding than his vocals on the album, which are still very death metally, but have a bit of a black metal rasp going on. Stair to Aspirations has some very nice guitar and bass work.

I haven't mentioned it but Antonio Leon delivers a very good drum performance. The Chasm unleashed a brand new death metal sound to the world with this album. It stands as one of the best death metal debuts and a small preview of the greatness that was to come from The Chasm.

"In Order to Embrace the Ultimate Goal, the Last Liberation, Total Sacrifice and Dedication Must be Practiced and Executed, No Matter What..."