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The Cauterized - Symphonies of Iniquity

It's not indispensable - 45%

HEADTHRASHER, August 24th, 2006

This young band from the uncle Sam’s land presents its first work to us “Symphonies of Iniquity”.

We began with “The Impaler”, good riff in the beginning and a guttural voice give the welcome to the chaos. The quality of the sound is the one of a demo, it’s not very professional but at least we can easily listen. The Tempo is quite slow, it’s a heavy Death Metal... not very my cup of tea; something unusual is that it includes Speed Metal guitar solos. Perhaps the different influences that have their members (between which there is a German, a Japanese, a Dutch and North Americans) have made that their music presents a not very usual mixture as well, the slowness of the Doom Metal, the cruelty of the Death Metal, and the guitars of Speed Metal!

The second theme “Suicide # 9” is New School, the tempo accelerates a little thanks to the percussion of Martin Karlsson approaching to a Death Metal in the vein of AT THE GATES, but soon is slow again with a noticeable bass and passages without vocals, in the end the song retakes the rate of the beginning, to close with the slow tempo.

We follow with “Witch Hammer”, classic name of infernal hymns, with a heavy and modern Death Metal simultaneously; they perform the most boring song of this EP.

The last song is “Corporate Meatgrinder”, the shortest one with 1:57 long, it begins in a accelerated way with the intercalated vocals of Will Peebles and Menno Verbaten, in the middle there is a surprising solo to give step again to the onslaught that this theme unchains. Great election to close this MCD, it’s the best one and the more consistent song.

The most outstanding thing of this album it‘s without a doubt the work of the guitars by Kosuke Hashida and Greg Harrison.