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Goth Metal At Its Finest! - 91%

overkill67, September 19th, 2004

Blitz once stated that DD Verni was the "evilest" man he ever knew. This album pretty much supports that statement, for it is far more darker than Bram Stoker's Dracula! First off, I must confess that I don't particularly like any sort of Goth metal with the exception of maybe Paradise Lost. But this album is not your typical run of the mill Goth garbage.
This album hosts all kinds of textures and flavors that are derived from Goth, to stoner rock, straight trough to tinges of Thrash metal. This album is anything but generic, and in many ways is a trendsetter in terms of its creativity. The Thrash vibe is not nearly as prevalent as one might find on your typical Overkill album but the riffs are there and they definately work.
DD is a visionary as far as I'm concerned and with this album he manages to push the goth boundaries to a new level. This material is lightyears ahead of Type O Negative, both on a musical level, as well as for the sheer cathiness of the songs. The highlight on this album is without a doubt the production value. DD Verni does a superb job of capturing the best possible sound of each and every instrument. The mix is perferctly melded together, without one instrument overpowering the other. Chaly's vocals are much more controlled and effective than anything he's done in the past with the Misfits. Since half of this band is simply the rythm section in Overkill, you can obviously imagine how effective the structure of these songs must be. I suppose that the only major dissapointment with this recording is the lack of guitar solos. However, since Jack Frost is the one who's assuming guitar duties, I suppose that its fair to assume that rather than add solos that would be anything more than sub-standard, chunky riffs would suffice.
Anyone who is familiar with the bands debut and was not impressed should take the time to listen to this album. This album is far more up beat and the catchiness of this album in comparison to the first one is like day and night.
DD is one of those Thrash metal icons who can do no wrong, this is a great addition to anyones personal metal archive and is something that is totally fresh and original.
Black Sabbath meets Overkill with a twist of innovation!