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BCC's Second Effort...Pretty Damn Good - 85%

NeverCrypt, December 24th, 2003

I remember hearing "Creeperia" and falling in love with BCC. Although I think their first album exceeds this one in overall strength and listenability, it's not to say that this album doesn't kick ass. I'll do a song by song review:

Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore - A good track for the most part, but it has this extended keyboard solo at the end...and this female singer, it's an interesting addition to the song...but, it drags it on WAY too long. But, the riffs are good, and Myke Hideous really delivers. Verni's lyrics are excellent and very catchy. The intro is awesome, and the bass is PHENOMONAL! 7/10

The Other Me - This my favorite song on the album...just kicks in with this raunchy, nasty riff...and then...just right into. It's not fast (nothing on this album really is, but that's ok...). The chorus of the song is awesome...the guitar just tears, this really high and crunchy riff. The lyrics...again, all the songs are great lyrically. "The other me will hack you up and hide you in the walls, The other can't help but think that's right where you belong." That's just an awesome line. The only complaint I have about this song is when it gets slow...and it just goes on for quite a bit...but again, it does very little to hamper the greatness of this song. 9/10

Sewing the Dead - Another great song. maybe this one's my favorite...comes in rather "darkly"...kind of like the intro to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" without distortion. The main comes in, and the song takes off. The song, as many are on both of BCC's albums, is quite groove heavy. Again, great chorus... 10/10

BCC/Sweet Home Transylvania - A little sampling of Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alamba"...and bam...this one has a lot of balls. Catchy, groovy...full of Black Sabbath influenced atmosphere and riffs. 9/10

Black Valentine - A slow love song. Starts off with just some simple bass and keyboard. Once the guitar comes in it gets some much needed heaviness, but not quite enough. I personally enjoy the song, but it really seems to be in the middle of things..."BCC" and "Killing Maryjane" are two very ballsy songs, this one is a nice calm, atmospheric song...maybe a better closer...but still a good song. There's a slight more heaviness, but still it's not up to where the rest of the album is in that department. 7/10

Killing Maryjane - Awesome...that's just about it. Ballsy from the get-go, the keyboards really help to provide this great background. It's a straight up old-school metal tune. Nice... 10/10

Dead...For the Moment - A slow, sludgey tune...but it's good...good stuff. 7/10

Blue Collar Horror - This is where the album kind goes's an enjoyable song, but it's not strong enough in certain respects. It's like a lot of the other songs...slow, sludgey...but something about it is just not that appealing. It's got it's high points, and Myke Hideous does let out some wonderful screams towards the end. 5/10

Creeperia - The closer, this one rocks. It starts out with this strange circus procession music, but then the guitars lead in, drums...and then it takes off. Catchy as hell...just a great song...this is what made me want to buy this cd. 10/10 you'd probably wonder...why didn't I rate this album higher? I rated a lot of the songs quite highly. Well this album, first of all, doesn't match up to their self-titled. Secondly, I rated them highly, because I enjoy them, but I gave the album a review as a whole in comparison to other albums of this metal genre. There are better, but this one is an excellent choice. Also, the songs tend to have repetitive riffs and things of that nature, which I've grown accustomed to. I'm more or less warning buyers, if you don't like repetitive riffs, gloomy "goth" soundscapes, and clean vocals...don't buy it. If you're looking for a fast album, don't buy it. But it's a great album overall.

Best Tracks: The Other Me, Sewing the Dead, Killing Maryjane, and Creeperia.