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Good album relatively speaking - 76%

Demon_of_the_Fall, September 26th, 2003

The Bronx Casket Co has a few catchy numbers that really deserve more credit than they get but they also have their fare share of boring parts in certain tracks. Sweet Home Transylvania is their second disc continuing in their more gothic approach mainly due to Myke Hideous well...gloomy vocals. He is a very unique singer I will give the man that, and he does do a great job in the vocal department on here. The music fits the lyrics and vocals perfectally in every way, but there are a couple downfalls on here. First off not every song catches your im writing this review now and im not really paying attention to Blue Collar Horror which is track 8. Secondly some tracks drag on too long, although this isn't nessesarily a bad thing as it gets the point across much better. Other than that this cd rules. Jack Frost plays in this band (how many bands can you join buddy?), and this is D.D Verni's side project from his band Overkilll, so there was abit of hype leading up to the release of this. But no one knows of this cd or their debut album for that matter. The guitars on this album at times can be very good and interesting and at other times quite monotonous and boring. The drums are not to bad, the bass playing is quite good, and the singing as mentioned earlier is something to check out indeed. Something you should check out is Sweet Home Transylvania, you may be in for a surprise or two. Overall this cd is enjoyable, and is meant to be listened to when you are either in a gloomy, miserable mood, or just can't get any fucking sleep (just like Type o Negative). I suggest all fans of Type O Negative, Goth, and Metal to check this out for it is something that is rarly done right anymore. It grows on you instantly, due to it's dark vibe. Oh yeah the Keyboards on the album are magnificent, they really add to each and every song. At times it sounds like your attending a funeral, and thats the way they want it, nice and fucking deathly. Good job guys this is pretty original, and I ofcourse will be checking your next album out. Cheers

Best Tracks: The Other Me, Sewing the Dead, Sweet Home Transylvania, Killing Maryjane (i love this track), Dead for the Moment, Creeperia