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The Bombs of Enduring Freedom - Bomb the Bank

Falling Bombs and Dropping Bass - 71%

TheStormIRide, June 6th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2009, Digital, D.T.M. Productions

Formed in 2007 by Mr. Fog (James Fogarty) after becoming disgruntled with the direction of his Ewigkeit project, The Bombs of Enduring Freedom is a politically charged project that combines a whole bunch of influences into an incorrigible smorgasbord of electronic music with a spattering of metal industrial for desert. Fogarty has certainly been known for his participation in experimental and off the wall projects over the years, and The Bombs of Enduring Freedom perhaps take this to a whole new level.

Bomb the Bank is one the band's 2009 EP's, released as a digital download through D.T.M. Productions. While those familiar with Ewigkeit's mid 2000's body of work, released before the initial disbandment, shouldn't really be surprised by what is going on here, a bit of shell shock should be expected for those more familiar with Mr. Fog's other projects (In the Woods, Svartelder, Jaldaboath, Old Forest, etc.). Bomb the Bank basically takes the experimental, avant-garde sound of Ewigkeit's Conspiritus and removes all traces of metal while basically upping the electronic weirdness factor tenfold.

Rhythmic house beats and punchy synth notes wash over, while repetitive politically charged samples are showcased, specifically about banks and surmounting debt (what else, given the title?). The beats are catchy, yet not quite innovative. Where The Bombs of Enduring Freedom really shine are the swelling synth notes and interspersed touches of industrialized ambiance that build off of the samples, like the pulsing breakbeats that flesh out the narration during “Collapse”. It's not until the last track, “Oranges and Lemons”, that Mr. Fog uses samples of choirs to add something close to actual vocals. When coupled with that song's noodly guitar notes, lying somewhere between surf and Arabic melodies, and the still surging electronic beats, it just gives a weird vibe to close things out.

Though the project was formed out of dissatisfaction with his Ewigkeit project, which has since been restarted, The Bombs of Enduring Freedom stands on its own as one of Mr. Fog's most interesting and undervalued projects. Bomb the Bank, as well as a lot of the band's other material, is available for free download on the D.T.M. Productions website, so it's not going to hurt your wallet to check this out. Politically charged electronic music for disgruntled souls.