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The Ascension Attempt - 93%

Goatfangs, December 22nd, 2018

The Ascension Attempt is an aggressive, riff centric album from The Blinding Light that combines sludgy riffs, death metal blasts and old school metalcore. There is a high level of energy and anger exhuding from the music, especially in the vocals which are shrill and pissed off.

The album is intense through and through with very few moments of uneasy calm, which are soon broken up by a quick upramp in fury. The riffs are crunchy and heavy with a sludgy groove to them. There are frequent death metal blasts to further add to the chaos. The bass seems to largely stay within the background, providing a low end groove to the punishing riffs.

The drums sound fucking great, the snares hit with a perfect snap and they always come out crisp and clear while the bass drums are thick and heavy and don't succumb to the common problem of clicky bass drums that modern bands fall victim to. The performance is very tight and technical, with every nuance coming through clear – especially during the uneasy calm parts. Even the cymbals sound great here.

The more I listen to this album the more I pick up things I appreciate. This is an enjoyable album that is very thrilling to listen to while playing Doom.