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The Black Dahlia Murder are serious now - 80%

The_Boss, November 18th, 2007

I'm not one to enjoy metalcore bands at all, but fortunatly The Black Dahlia Murder have little -core elements involved with this release. I find this is more melodic death metal fused with some slight thrash moments and straightfoward brutaller death metal moments. I've enjoyed their earlier albums but only a few songs and this seems to continue with Nocturnal. Some songs are simply awesome, being very memorable and worthy of going nuts, while others seem to just be filler and sound the same.

Nocturnal is a more mature album I think, having a more quality sound with tight and crisp production shaping and molding each instrument to have its place and allowing it to each have a noticable moment throughout. The maturity of all the members being able to work well together as a band seems to have set making for a more serious approach at music. The bass has never been a big part of the metalcore scene but I've found some decent basslines involved alongside the melodic riffing. The guitars are tight but seem to have gone slightly more technical and attacking the listeners ears while being joined in with the ever brutal and intense drumming. A new drummer was hired and it jumpstarts the music on Nocturnal, making everything more intense and hectic. He's all over the place blast beats and double bass all done with talent.

The songs here range from highly memorable (see opening song) to rather boring (see Of Darkness Spawned - although nice solo!). Most songs here contain guitar solos, being rather short but also highly melodic in nature. Typically flowing through at a fast pace which bodes well with The Black Dahlia Murder's overall sound since it typically flies by at high speeds constantly. Nocturnal doesn't let down from the get go - guttural death metal vocals ripping through your ear drums while piercing otherworldly shrieks come out of nowhere. The lower vocals sound a little bit like Nergal at one point to me, (see Climatic Degradation). Most songs can be hit or miss but I'd say the album packs all the best and most memorable songs at the front. The end of the album seems to contain a lot of the filler type songs where they start to run together and sound the same. This is definitly an album I can't listen to all the way through at once, more like listen to three or four songs here then come back but fortunatly it's a relatively short album.

Overall, Nocturnal raises the bar for these types of bands and I surely can say that The Black Dahlia Murder are one of the best at this. High speed onslaught of melodic rhythmic guitar riffing mixed with a brutal drumset sets up an atmosphere of intensity allowing the listener to headbang endlessly. The highlights here, (Everything Went Black, What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse, I Worship Only What You Bleed) are the songs flying at the highest speeds and even have a fairly memorable sing-along chorus. I really enjoy singing along to Everything Went Black with Trevor, "karmaaaatic... armageddoooooon!". If you enjoy the hybrid of melodic death, brutal death and slight metalcore elements The Black Dahlia Murder is for you, they do it best - which isn't saying much all the others suck.