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Nocturnal Pulls off Brutal - 85%

ReighIB, September 19th, 2007

Hearing this album for the first time the first word that came up in my mind was "Brutal". I am glad to say that this word represents so much of what this album is made up of. If you already like The Black Dahlia Murder then don't even bother reading any reviews and just go get the cd. You will not be dissapointed.

The Black Dahlia Murder takes another notch up from where they previously left off from Miasma. There is not alot of significant change in their style of music. You can still recognize the band's nitch that happens here and there in the album. But is it the same like Miasma? Not at all. Theres different structures and outlines in the songs. They also added a little bit of groove which I really enjoy.

The guitarists in this band really knows how to create intensely brutal riffs. If you want music that makes you want to kick babies and kill small animals for no apparent reason then this is the music to litsen to. The guitar sounds violent and darker than before. The tone should satisfy much of the metal fans out there. The riffs seriously sounds like there on steroids.

Losing the previous drummer the band had they had to pick a new on quickly. They made the perfect choice by hiring Shannon Lucas. Im going to make this clear to you. Shannon Lucas is insane. Some drummers might explode from the sheer amazement of Shannon's drummings. 1000mph blast beats, bullet speed fills, precise accuracy of double bass, you get the idea. I cannot say enough good things about this guy. It is safe to say that Shannon's drumming improved the bands musical dynamics. If Shannon didn't play on this album then I probably wouldn't like it as much. He's seriously that good.

I love this album, but there is two things that didn't really stand out from the rest: the vocals and the lead guitars. Don't get me wrong, there both good but it seems like these two things stayed the same while everything else picked up. The vocal still has the high pitch scream and the low growl, but that's it, nothing new. The vocalist could have at least tried something new. Same with the solos and the leads. I swear I heard the same solos in Miasma and sometimes they seem out of place. To me it was outshined by everything else on this album. The solos didn't have a stand for themselves. Also I would have loved to hear some leads on some songs instead them all being riff-oriented. Maybe the next album.

That being said though there is nothing on this album that have declined from their previous works. All aspects of this band either kept their stauts quo or gotten to the next level(Which is rare to see in the world of metal). This is truly a step forward for this band. This album excites me everytime I litsen to it. Thank you for releasing this cd Black Dahlia Murder and showing all those sellout bands how to fucking play.