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Koombomblia, September 17th, 2007

The Black Dahlia Murder have always been known for releasing their solid albums that combine melodic death metal with elements of thrash and are always clearly original. This year's release is hands down the greatest album TBDM has ever written. I would consider this flawless masterpiece one of 2007's best albums.

Nocturnal proves these guys aren't here to fuck around. After a 2 year wait, Nocturnal destroys everything else the band has released in the past. Every song is amazingly written and crosses new boundaries that Unhallowed and Miasma weren't even close to. Nocturnal is almost black metal sounding at times, complete with the dueling guitar work that never fails to sound impressive.

Shannon Lucas was an incredibly good choice for this album, rarely letting up during any song. I wasn't too fond of his work in All that Remains, but he doesn't seem like he was a part of that at all while listening to Nocturnal. His blast beats are very accessible, upon listening to the first 3 tracks, I was notably impressed in his style.

One of the greatest changes in the band's progression are the vocals on the album. Trevor is definately at his peak during Nocturnal simply because he sounds completely different than his previous vocals. From high black metal-esque shrieks to guttural, almost Chris Barnes sounding deeps, Trevor continues to dominate the album.

Nocturnal is clearly The Black Dahlia Murder's greatest album. Each release, they continue to mature in their work. Every song on here is fucking ridiculous, none of them sound alike at all. The music is more diverse than their previous attempts. If you're a fan of great fucking metal, pick this up.

Highlights: Virally Yours, I Worship Only What You Bleed, Nocturnal, Of Darkness Spawned, To a Breathless Oblivion