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Absolutely Relentless - 100%

Hail_Ov_Gunfire, February 9th, 2008

I read the other reviews on this album, and while a few were well written and intelligent I found the majority unsatisfying. I decided to put down my own 2 cents into this brutal slab of extremity.

First and foremost, I'm tired of hearing (and seeing) the fucking metalcore tag being constantly placed on The Black Dahlia Murder. The sole reason they are associated with said genre is out of sheer laziness. They sprang forth during the metalcore blowout at the starting years of the millenium and were lumped in with the Killswitch Engages and As I Lay Dying clones. They have always been in my eyes and other Dahlia fans, a new wave of melodic death metal. So enough of this metalcore bullshit, because its unfair to the band.

Okay, that said, to the review:

Nocturnal, the band's latest offering is 10 tracks of scorching, relentless and terrifying horror-influenced death metal. Upping the ante from the critically acclaimed album, Miasma, they fused their signature sound with a potent blend of black metal and grind, resulting in a brutal atmosphere.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad brought sheer ultraviolence with his dual-vocal lines, combining black metal's feral shrieks with death metal's classic gutteral throat roars. The real treasure behind his vocals is the lyrics, penning the most horrifying themes as the apocalypse (Everything Went Black) demonic possesion and Satanic chaos magic (What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse), lost vampire societies (Nocturnal) and the ever popular TBDM subject necrophilia, as according to Trevor, "sticking your dick in the dead" (Virally Yours, Deathmask Devine). Seriously, read the lyric sheets for the album. Some of the most fucking sinister lyrics written, hands down.

Music-wise the band has grown more mature, blending black metal anti-harmony guitar lines with melodic death metal gallop and grind's brutal beatdowns. The solo's are memorable, melodic and distinctive. The speeds are all over the place, from mid-pace riff bonanzas to fast, pummeling chord assaults.

Credit also to new drummer Shannon Lucas who is easily an up-and coming drum hero.The man does it all. You want Laureano-esque blast beats? He does it with ease. You want double bass rolls that make Hellhammer crack a smile? He's got that too. The man sounds like a cacophony of machine guns, its so fucking ridiculous. Its seriously that good.

So I encourage you to purchase this album, or at the least check it out. As a rabid TBDM fan and extreme metal enthusiast I can promise you will not be disappointed with this release.

Absolutely relentless!