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A New Approach - 75%

Slasher666, July 10th, 2013

So, what's there to say about TBDM's "Everblack?" Is it a typical album like the rest or is there something unique and new about it? I can truly say that this sounds nothing like their previous work, from albums like "Deflorate" to their previous instalment, "Ritual." In fact, the band, in terms of sound, has gone in a completely different direction. This new approach can be viewed in a 50-50 perspective. You're either going to love it or hate it. So yes, it's the same band we know and love but there are a few changes that can either be seen as a benefit or a curse.

What makes this album sound so different from the rest? First and foremost, the sound consists of heavy riffs mixed with deep vocals and crazy blast beats. The instruments sound as if though they were from a brutal death metal playing style instead of melodic death metal, a niche that the band has been quite comfortable in for a number of years and album releases. In short, the melody that the band once had has been completely killed off. Brutality is the main focus of this instalment, high vocals and melodic guitar riffs have been pushed away entirely. The band has decided to experiment a little, to go outside of their comfort zones and create something different. The question is: does this album make the cut? Is this new approach a perfect fit or was just a waste of effort?

Truth be told, I'm really in the middle with this change of playing style. While I really enjoyed their album "Deflorate" (being my favourite TBDM album) with songs like "Eyes of Thousand," "Death Panorama" and "Black Valour," it seems weird to hear a completely new side to the band. I guess you can say I'm not used to the sludgy and brutal sound this album provides. Does it fit the band? Maybe not. I'd prefer it if this album were more melodic but then again I can understand why the band chose to record the album this way. They didn't want to end up being a band like Slayer, where they have been playing the same sound for decades. In other words, they didn't want to be boring by playing the same thing over and over. They saw this as an opportunity to reinvent themselves a little bit and they took that chance. I admire them for putting the effort in to sound different and I'm sure many fans like this release. Me? This just isn't my cup of beef. While I can admire the instrumental skill as well as the vocal range, I couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. I wanted to hear the "Deflorate" Black Dahlia Murder. In other words, I wanted melody and lots of it. Instead I got brutal distortion and vocals.

This album is a hit or a miss. Either you like it or the opposite. I like the album in terms of creativity and how the band really wanted to do something new, points for effort there. I didn't like the album so much where there was a lack of melody from their previous work. It's way better than "Ritual," without a doubt. It's a step up to say the least. So, on a final note: listen to this album and see what you think. I got mixed feelings on this release but maybe your opinion may differ from mine. You might actually love this piece...or hate it. To put it lightly, don't rush out to buy this sucker, it's nothing special.