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Anticipating another release... - 90%

eatshitanddie, January 14th, 2010

The first words to come to mind when this album has finished playing is time to play this again! This album truely is a great album by the dahlia. It changed some from Nocturnal but was still just as good if not better than Nocturnal.

This album first starts off with with a a quick note, jumping at you in suprise. Next comes the melodic riff from the guitar and the insane drum beats. Throughout the album the riffs continue to astound me as to how unaverage they are. They aren't some simple riffs anyone could play. It was well developed and took time to configure. But it doesn't stop after the first song. Throughout this whole album, not many parts repeat. They don't make 3 second parts and repeat them throughout the verses. Mostly the whole verse is different. This means that the Dahlia obviously put some time onto configuring these amazing parts.

Another great thing about this album is the way the Dahlia makes it's music. They must spend Much more time in the studio than many other bands coming up with the precise tuning for the guitars, the right notes, chords, and fret layouts. That doesn't come just by sitting around thinking of how successful they want to be. They work hard towards their songs and create an equal balance between guitar bass and drums to make an amazing sounding album.

As I said earlier...the drum beats are insane. However, it isn't a sloppy mess of double bassing and some random snare and cymbal parts. The beats actually flow distinctly with the music. And because there isn't a lot of repeating in the guitar riffs, it shows true tallent to stay in such close touch with the guitar.

The vocals were a major thing I didn't seem to like all that much when I first started listening to BDM. But after listening to nocturnal a few times, I was used to it and like it a lot more. Personally I find that Trevor's voice sounds better when he does his low pitched "growl" as some would call it. But I believe it sound better. Also though, having the higher pitched vocals adds a lot of versatility to the songs making them not all sound the same.

The lyrical themes particular to this album also stood out to me. Many songs refer to war and horror. However plain this may sound, they don't just sing about it in general. They really expand on the meanings. They use "big words" to project a meaning and make analogies and expand on it making you actually think about the message they are projecting.

The only thing I didn't find all that great about this albums is that they didn't have the same dark feeling they produced in Nocturnal. But making it different doesn't matter to me because this definetly tops the list of best albums.