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Satisfactory for the most part - 90%

PostDemoniun, June 19th, 2012

If there’s anything these guys can do, it’s make a decent album worth buying. As “Deflorate” goes, it was a satisfying album with very well-written riffs as well as good guitar solos (Ryan Knight is a superb guitarist). The drumming also is very consistent, the farthest thing from sloppy (poorly performed), and I do not ever expect any less from Shannon Lucas. Trevor Strnad is very good at doing his shrieks, however I am not impressed by his growls. I do not happen to like the way he does them.

Along the lines of this album, my favorite track from it would be either Necropolis (#2) or I Will Return (#10). “Necropolis” is one of the choices particularly due to just how the song sounds overall, and the lyrics I am particularly in favor of as well. As for “I Will Return”, I found the guitar intro to be thoroughly appealing as well as the rest of the song, not to mention the song being about cryogenic freezing is very fascinating and interesting for what the song is about.

This album does not stray from their usual music style, though (if you are expecting them to have a different sound). They’ve had the melodic sound, and this album still has that, so if you do not like melodic death metal, then this album is not for you.

Other tracks worth mentioning: “Black Valor” (#1), “Christ Deformed” (#5), and “Eyes of Thousand” (#8).
Album rating: 9/10