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Deflorate - TBDM - 83%

MystifyXD, March 31st, 2010

There are two kinds of deathcore: the "emo scene shit" deathcore (like Bring Me The Horizon's first album) and the "metal as fuck" deathcore, and I could say TBDM belongs to the latter kind.

Now this really is metal as fuck musicianship: excellent solos, awesome riffs, polished production, insane drumming, topnotch musicianship, wicked sick vocals, discrete breakdowns... can you expect something more? The only general complaint I have for this album is that they have repeated themselves. This sounds like "Nocturnal", if you ask me. Seems like the songs have been following a certain formula here.

The first two songs give its listeners a good impression on the album. "Black Valor" really is a very explosive song while "Necropolis" continued the impression "Black Valor" left. Those two songs will definitely make you bang your head. "Christ Illusion", meanwhile is the only song, for me in the middle of the album that definitely made me bang my head (again). The song definitely has the edge like the first two songs. Meanwhile, the last two songs "That Which Erodes The Most Tender Of Things" and "I Will Return", also gave an explosive ending to the album, The second to the last song being somewhat chaotic, at the same time melodic, and the last song having a good mix of being melancholic and chaotic.

Meanwhile, the third song of the album, "A Selection Unnatural", managed to be brutal, but is somewhat lacking of melodic factors. Although a good song of its own, "Death Panorama" is somewhat short and is a ripoff of "Black Valor". Both "Eyes Of Thousand" and "Throne Of Lunacy" are good songs with evil riffs and wicked solos, but they seem to follow the formula somewhat excessively. "Denounced, Disgraced", although not necessarily a bad song, unfortunately, doesn't seen to fit in the album in general. It sets a somewhat different mood compared to the other songs.

Overall, this album is good enough, but I think the band needs to do something new. Now, if you like deathcore music, you really should listen to this band. Trust me, you're going to like it better than the usual BMTH crap out there.