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No Sophomore slump here - 98%

Justin_Bork, December 13th, 2007

When I first heard this band as 'Scavenger' back in 2005, I wasn't very impressed to be honest. The song 'Breathe the Poison' sounded kind of contrived. YAY another new Death Thrash band doing the same thing as everyone else, but my interest wasn't completely gone, as when their debut under the new moniker 'The Arcane Order' came out, I checked it out, and was very impressed. It basically showed me that Flemming Lund is a riff machine, throwing song after song at you with good riffs. Not generic riffs you've heard twenty times over, GOOD riffs. Y'know, different chord progressions than what other bands of the style are doing. Okay, enough of the past, lets get into the new record here..

I'll describe it first in one word: Epic. The melodies and harmonies Flemming is putting out here are ridiculous. Every song here features a chorus, verse and/or bridge with a wonderful melody. Not punchy melodies like you'd see in In Flames and stuff, subtle melodies usually behind a blast beat and a crushing rhythm riff, so they're not taking center stage in a cop-out for accessibility, they're there to add an aura to the overall composition. For a perfect example of this "epicness", check out the song 'Eruptions of Red', masterful.

Vocalist Kasper Thomsen (of Raunchy fame) has really progressed as a vocalist. On this two spots in 2006 (The Arcane Orders debut and Raunchy's Death Pop Romance) his vocals weren't very spectacular, he couldn't go very high or low, but on this here he's gotten ALOT better and actually sounds like a competent metal vocalist. I actually had to stop and think "fuck, this is still Kasper?". His new found vocal qualities totally add to the aura of the epic melodic parts of the album. Very well done. Also, drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen really shines on this record, and completely fills the quota for what drumming on a metal record SHOULD sound like.

What you have on this album is Death Thrash...with a twist. An impeccable sense of melody and crushing grooves. Leagues ahead of the debut, which is a very good record in itself. Sophomore Slump? Not The Arcane Order. Sophomore Triumph seems more fitting. Get this.

Recommended Listening: Death Is Imminent, Eruptions of Red, The Reaping Revengence.