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I'll Keep this 10 More Years - 90%

Svartarkraka Lopterfinginn, October 27th, 2012

Third album and this guys continue giving the extra, since Once Only Imagined The Agonist has always fulfill their destiny with music, evolving in every aspect and characteristic from songwriting to the production. This work, Prisoners, could be call their magnus opus to date. The first thing I want to make notice of is the exploration that Alissa does on her vocal lines, making every song a change from the previous, she arranges to make a very melodic voice and, out from nowhere, make some killing harsh vocals, like in the song The Mass of the Earth or those pain screams in Everybody Wants You (Dead).

Secondly, the guitar riffs make every song memorable, from those cut riffs in Everybody Wants You (Dead) to the brutal ones in You're Coming With Me. We can't forget about those memorable solos that make all songs sticky. Furthermore I had never heard so good bass lines in a previous work of these musicians, the bass lines are flawless and certainly make that all the instruments (even the voice) follow the rhythm that the bass can establish. For the drums I have one word: Brutal.

The only thing that I founded not so interesting it's the final song, Revenge of the Dadaists, well it's good to explore poetic movements but the composition of the song it's not so good at all. On the other hand, the ideas and themes of these album are very good and the order of the songs it's almost the same, just when you think the album it's getting a bit boring this song Ideomotor appears but at the end Revenge of the Dadaists doesn't exactly fits.

In conclusion, they are growing.